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This is a place where you can learn about long term care planning, read about me, request quotes and more! Please reach out via email or call me so that I may answer any questions you have personally. I look forward to helping you in the future.

“We found long-term care coverage to be too expensive until we met & discussed options with John.  He was very professional & knowledgeable.  We appreciated his ability to communicate a valuable resource to us without putting us under any pressure to purchase the insurance.  I highly recommend discussing long-term care with John to discover how this insurance can help protect your assets.”  Dr. John Dekle

John Wesley Nakao is Certified in Long Term Care and has seventeen years of experience in the long term care and life insurance industry.  He is a specialist with Long Term Care Advisors, a nationwide network of independent long-term care specialists that broker all long-term care and life companies.  John attended Washington State University, graduated from the University of Hawaii, then was an exchange student at Doshisha University, Kyoto and lived in Japan for three years. After graduate school, he was a stockbroker and captive long term care specialist with ltci pioneers General Electric Long-Term Care and John Hancock.  John became an independent broker in 2004 and compares long term care, life insurance and annuity companies for the best value based on your finances, health and individual needs.

“Seventy-five percent of people over age 65 eventually will need long-term care.”  Mutual of Omaha Report, 2012

People own long term care protection because they love their family and want to: 1) Protect income and assets for their family,  2)  Get care in their own home rather than a nursing home and,  3)  Don’t want to be a physical, emotional, financial and opportunity cost burden to their family.

“Out of all the types of insurance that people purchase, such as home, casualty, or disability,  long term care is one that most people will most likely call upon and use.” CPA Client Tax Letter, April/May/June 2002

John has helped hundreds of families protect assets, assure in-home care and reduce the family burden of long term care. Many clients have expressed the benefits of being educated in simple clarity and having peace of mind in protecting themselves from the 75% likelihood of needing long term care.

“Most of America’s Baby Boomers will spend their retirement years either with Alzheimer’s or caring for someone who has it.”  Alzheimer’s Association Report 2011

Living in Ala Moana Center, John enjoys surfing, biking, swimming and jogging and competed in the first Honolulu Triathlon.  He has served on missions trips to China, Indonesia, Nepal and Israel and written travel articles published in local newspapers.  He and his wife support seven third-world children through World Vision, Shared Hope, a rescue ministry for trafficked girls and a missionary family in Japan.  John participates in nursing home music outreaches and was a volunteer chaplain at a medical center for five years.

“Long-term care is the single most catastrophic financial risk you face. And that’s why the protection of insurance is so important.”  Wall Street Journal – Smart Money, May 2008

Please email or call me for no-obligation information or quotes at ltcadvisor7@gmail.com or (808) 485-8888.  Thank you very much!

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At least 70% of people over 65 will need long term care services at some point. Start Planning Now

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